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The DSE Regulations came into force on 1 January 1992 ( minor amendments  made in 2002). The regulations put into UK law a European Community Directive which seeks to protect the health of your workers by reducing risks from VDU work. Briefly, the Regulations require employers to:

·         analyse workstations to assess and reduce risks ( DSE Assessments)

·         ensure that workstations meet specified minimum requirements

·         plan work activities so that they include breaks or changes of activity

·         provide eye and eyesight tests on request, and special spectacles if needed

·         provide information and training


DSE User Training

20 delegates maximum: Duration 90 minutes

Participants will be taught how to optimize their workstation layout to maximise comfort, safety and productivity. Participants return to their workstations and complete a DSE risk assessment checklist and make changes to their set-up’s where necessary. A DSE Assessor from RKE will then visit each workstation, go through risk assessment and adjust/recommend where necessary. A report will be provided with recommendations.

Training content will include:

  • Educating the users on the risks and safe behaviour and practices at their VDU
  • For example, adjustable chairs only reduce risk if users know how to adjust them and  sit properly
  • The health problems associated with VDU work 
  • The importance of good posture and changing position
  • How to adjust furniture to help avoid risks
  • Organising the workplace to avoid awkward or frequently repeated stretching movements
  • Avoiding reflections and glare on or around the screen
  • Adjusting and cleaning the screen and mouse
  • Organising work for activity changes or breaks if necessary
  • Who to contact for help and to report problems or symptoms
  • Contributing to the risk assessment, e.g. completing checklists

DSE Workstation Assessors Training

10 delegates maximum: 

Duration 3 hours 

DSE Workstations need to be assessed; this can be done by an in-house trained DSE Assessor or by an external agency such as Red Kite Ergonomics.

Assessors will need to recognise risky workstation layouts, environments and practices.

  • Training for workstation assessors will cover the points above, plus:
  • How to review checklists
  • How to identify obvious and less obvious hazards
  • Deciding when additional information and help is needed, and where to go for it
  • How to draw conclusions from assessments and identify steps to reduce risks
  • Recording problems;how to tell those who need to take action on findings, and give feedback to users.


Assessors will have to demonstrate their level of understanding and adequate level of competency at the end of the training session. This is acheived by completing a workstation assessment with the tutor two weeks after the course.

Please contact us to talk further about your training needs.

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