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Improving health at work through physiotherapy and ergonomics
Fitness for Work
Individual face-to-face physio advice session

A qualified physiotherapist will be on-site for employees to book a 15-minute one-to-one advice session in relation
to any musculoskeletal issue (work or non-work related). These questions might include:
  • Tennis elbow- can physiotherapy help?
  • Knee pain after running- which stretches are best?
  • Back stiffness- how can I loosen up safely?
A confidential space, ideally in a private room would be required for these sessions. The bookings of this session
would be managed in-house.

Individual musculoskeletal risk assessment

Musculoskeletal disorders are unfortunately common in the workplace, especially for example in healthcare. Many health care professionals including scientists, dentists, sonographers and radiographers are at risk of developing work-relevant musculoskeletal disorders due to awkward postures (e.g. microscope use); manual handling (e.g. equipment and patients); protective personal equipment (e.g. lead aprons) or repetition of movement (e.g. laboratory tasks).

Although common, it is possible to prevent many of these injuries by assessing the tasks using a systematic ergonomic approach. There are numerous factors to consider when understanding the complexities of work relevant musculoskeletal disorders; such as equipment design, the task itself, user training and the work environment. Working with the employee and the employer, practical solutions can be developed and applied to reduce the musculsokeletal risks encountered.

Red Kite Ergonomics has over 20 years experience of working with healthcare professionals and assessing the physical demands in the workplace. Analysis can involve collecting baseline data on work-relevant musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence to get an overview of the size of the problem. An ergonomic workplace risk assessment can assess all the relevant tasks that have been indentified as high risk. Practical recommendations can then be made, implemented and reviewed.

Please contact Red Kite Ergonomics to discuss your needs  
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