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The comfort of the driver is as important as the cost and efficiency of the car, however it is not often considered when ordering vehicles. Advice and modifications may be needed to ensure the driver’s health and comfort is optimised.

Companies with a large number of drivers and a limited range of vehicles may find that a mismatch occurs and staff
report musculoskeletal discomfort and if prolonged may result in sickness absence.

Where moving and handling tasks occur as part of the drivers role, a detailed assessment is particularly helpful to decide on the ideal vehicle design.

We can carry out individual assessments for drivers who have reported discomfort/problems in their current vehicle.
We can liaise closely with Occupational Health and HR and carry out a clinical assessment of the individual to gain
a full understanding of the problem experienced, if this is necessary.

The vehicle assessment will look at the fit and function of the vehicle in relation to the individual and the problems reported. This will include looking at the tasks in the car (e.g. working on laptop), posture, dimensions in relation to the build and adjustability of the vehicle.

We will make any adjustments, where necessary and provide advice on driving posture, and suitable stretches for the individual. A last resort may be recommending a different vehicle, preferably within the existing fleet.


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